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How to install from the Self Install Share
Article: KB0014647 Published: 16-12-2019 Last modified: 13-08-2020

How to use the Self Install Share

What is the Self Install Share?

With Windows 10 Deakin Shield, users no longer have admin access to install software by default. This helps prevent accidental installation of malware, contributing to a large reduction in malware instances in the University.

In most cases, admin access is only required temporarily for one-off installations of software. After installing the software, ongoing admin access is not required. To facilitate installation of software without compromising University security, eSolutions has developed the Self Install Share. Installers run from this share automatically run with admin access.

All users on Windows 10 Deakin Shield can request the addition of software to this share. Installers are scanned for malware and then made available to you. You can then run the installer and perform the installation yourself.

How to install from the Self Install Share

Once eSolutions has scanned a software installer for malware and placed it onto the Self Install share, you will receive an IT Help email with the precise location to access it.

  1. In the Windows Start menu, click Deakin Desktop Support Info.

  2. After a few moments, a window of information about your computer appears. At the bottom of this window, click Self Install Share.

  3. A new Windows File Explorer opens. Close or minimise the Deakin Desktop Support Info window.

  4. There are several folders in this location, including "All-Staff" and "Requires-License". You may also see a faculty or area-specific folder.

  5. Check the IT Help email you received. Navigate through the folders advised in the email.

  6. Double-click the installer from this location. Do not copy the installer back to your computer; you must run it directly from the share.

  7. Follow the instructions displayed by the installer to complete the installation.

How to make a request for software to be put onto the Self Install Share

To request software to be added to the self install share please see How to make a request for software to be put onto the Self Install share

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