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Establishing a secure (VPN) mobile connection to Deakin using AnyConnect (iOS)
Article: KB0013211 Published: 23-07-2018 Last modified: 23-05-2019

How to securely connect to Deakin off-site using the Virtual Private Network (VPN) (iOS devices)

Install the Cisco AnyConnect software

  1. Launch the App Store. Search for Cisco AnyConnect and install the application. Before tapping the Install icon, make sure that Cisco Systems is the app publisher. 

    Screenshot of Cisco AnyConnect in App Store

  2. When the installation is complete, tap OPEN to launch Cisco AnyConnect. 

  3. Tap Allow

    Screenshot of prompt

Set up the app

  1. Tap the on/off tab next to AnyConnect VPN, to turn the VPN on.

    Screenshot of app

  2. Enter the Server Address:
      1. If you’re working from home or from a trusted network, type and tap Save.
      2. If you’re working overseas or from an unknown network (like public Wi-Fi), type and tap Save.

        Screenshot of prompt to enter VPN address

  3. Tap Allow

     Screenshot of app

  4. Enter your personal iPhone passcode when prompted

    Screenshot of passcode prompt


    5. Tap the on/off tab next to AnyConnect VPN to turn the VPN on.

    Screenshot of app

    6. You now need to enter your Deakin username and password. If you have not registered for Multi-Factor Authentication (DUO), leave the ‘Second Password’ field blank, then tap Connect.

    Screenshot of app

    7. If you have registered for Multi-Factor Authentication (DUO), open the DUO app on your mobile device to obtain a PIN (see image below) and tap Connect. Or, enter the word ‘PUSH’ in the ‘Second
    Password’ field and tap Connect, then tap Approve on your mobile device.

    screenshot of DUO app

    screenshot of app       

    screenshot of push notification

    8. You’ll be able to tell that you are connected to the VPN, when ‘Connected’ appears, as shown below.

    screenshot of app

    Disconnect the Cisco AnyConnect (VPN) connection

    1. To end your secure connection, tap the on/off tab next to AnyConnect VPN.


    Additional Notes:

            • Second Password will appear next time as ‘Enter PIN or ‘PUSH”.
            • will appear next time as Deakin VPN Encrypted Internet.
            • will appear next time as Deakin VPN Unencrypted Internet.

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