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What is the Deakin Software Store?
Article: KB0012218 Published: 08-05-2017 Last modified: 14-10-2019

What is the Deakin Software Store?

The Deakin Software Store helps you access limited-user software for your Deakin PC. It is available for all Deakin-managed Windows workstations.

The Software Store works in conjunction with your existing Software Center. The Software Center shows free and site-licensed University applications that are pre-assigned to you, as well as software that is already installed on your PC.

To make use of Deakin's limited-user software, staff can go to the Software Store to search for and request access to software not already available in your Software Center, or to request new titles. Think of it as the shop (Software Store) you visit when you need to restock your pantry (Software Center).

Some software titles require approval from your manager or the application owner. The Store manages this approval process and advises you of the status via email. Once approved, the software appears ib your Software Center within 2 hours of approval. You can then use the Software Center to download and install the software as usual.

To visit the Software Store, use the "Deakin Software Store" icon in your Start menu, or go to:

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