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Using LastPass to manage passwords
Article: KB0012189 Published: 26-04-2017 Last modified: 14-07-2020

What is LastPass?

LastPass is a password manager tool that generates and stores passwords and other important information like credit card details and contact information. It uses advanced encryption techniques to store your password.


How do I set up a LastPass account?

  1. Navigate to using your preferred browser (we recommend Google Chrome or Firefox).

  2. Select Get LastPass Free and install the browser plugin.

  3. Once you have installed the plugin you should see an icon next to your address bar.

    LastPass Plugin Icon

  4. Select Create an Account and follow the prompts to set up your account.

  5. Make sure you create a strong password. This will be your Master Password and it will be the only password you have to remember.

  6. Once you have set up your password, select the plugin, then select My Vault.

  7. Select your account name on the top right corner, then select Account Settings.

    Account Settings

  8. Select Multifactor Options and choose one of the available options to set up a second factor. If you are enrolled with Deakin's MFA program (Duo), you can opt to use this as a further level of protection.

    Please follow the instructions on the Duo website:

    Because you already have a Duo account setup through Deakin, please ignore the instructions asking you to create a Duo account.

    You are free to use an alternative MFA tool if Duo is not suitable or available to you.

How do I use LastPass?

Using folders to organise passwords

We recommend you create folders to separate passwords for Work and Personal use - please see the Using Folders for Organization guide.

Add a site to LastPass

Please see the Adding and Filling Sites guide for help saving the password for a website with LastPass.

 LastPass add site

Use LastPass to generate a secure password

You can use LastPass to generate a secure password for you - please refer to the Password Generator guide.

Log in to a website using a password saved in LastPass

Once a password is saved in LastPass, when you navigate to the website LastPass will automatically fill in your saved username and password.

 LastPass Login

Best Practice

  • Audit your passwords regularly by utilising the Security Challenge under More Options in the LastPass plugin menu and update your old passwords frequently

  • Change your Master Password regularly

  • Make sure you use a Password Hint to help you remember your Master Password in case you forget. Ensure that your Password Hint does not give away or help others guess your password. 

  • Install the LastPass app on your mobile so you have access to your password-protected apps on the go. Just search for LastPass Password Manager in your mobile app store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need LastPass for work?

Not every staff member would need to use LastPass. Most of the enterprise applications at Deakin use Deakin's Single Sign-On, however there could be other 3rd party websites that you would access for work that would need a separate username and password, such as smartfleet or TEMS.

It is good practice to use a different password for every website. You should never use your Deakin password on any other website. The generate feature in LastPass allows you to create secure, individual passwords per website that you will never have to remember.

Are my passwords stored in LastPass safe?

LastPass uses a strong encryption algorithm and uses local encryption. This means if an attacker needs to hack into your password vault they need to not only hack into a heavily encrypted LastPass server but also hack into your computer and mobile device. LastPass is currently the leader in password vaults.

What happens when I forget my master password?

Your master password is the key to your LastPass account and losing this could result in not being able to gain access to your account. You can attempt to recover the password by following the I forgot my master password guide. If this does not recover your password, even LastPass cannot retrieve it for you, so make sure to remember your Master Password!

What happens when I leave Deakin?

If you are using the free version of LastPass, you will still have access to your vault but all your work related sites will stop working.
If you have used your Deakin email to set up your LastPass free account, you will need to see How do I change my email for my LastPass account?

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