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How do I install the Solstice app and connect to a Solstice enabled display?
Article: KB0011162 Published: 05-05-2015 Last modified: 15-10-2019

How do I install the Solstice app and connect to a Solstice enabled display?

On a Deakin Windows Computer

If you have a Deakin-managed PC, you can request the Solstice application from the Software Store. See How do I request access to software and install via the Software Store?

On a Deakin Mac Computer

If you have a Deakin-managed Mac, you can get the Solstice app from the Self Service catalogue.

  1. Launch the Self Service catalogue.
  2. Select Solstice from list of available software and click install.
  3. After installation the client application will be available in the Applications folder.
  4. When running, the client software can be accessed from upper right cornerfrom the Mac desktop.

On a non-Deakin computer

Ensure that your device is connected to the Deakin network via Wi-Fi (eduroam) or a wired (ethernet) connection.

The Solstice client software can be accessed by entering the IP address of the Solstice display host computer – visible on the Solstice display that you wish to connect to – into a web browser on the client device. This will be plainly visible on the solstice Splash Screen. The Solstice client will download directly to the computer ready for installation.

Alternatively, Solstice client software can also be downloaded and installed from

On a Mobile Device (Android and iOS)

If the Solstice client app has not previously been installed on the device, simply open a browser on the device and enter the IP address visible on the Solstice display. This will redirect iOS users to the App Store and Android users to the Google Play store to download the client software.

Connecting to the Solstice-Enabled Display

When in operation, the set of displays being published by Solstice Discovery Service (SDS) will appear in the application window, allowing users to simply click the intuitive name of the Solstice display and connect.

Windows, MacOS or iOS Solstice clients will look for the default (unqualified) SDS server 'solsticedirectoryservice' if one is not configured. Specific configuration with a fully qualified address for the SDS is only required for Android clients as they will not resolve the unqualified DNS entry "solsticedirectoryservice" on the network. Upon first connection to a Solstice display, the SDS entry will be set in all client versions based on what is configured on the display.

  1. First time users on an Android device can the user can launch the app and select the Enter IP tab.

    Figure 3: Solstice Android client – Enter the Display IP address

  2. Enter the IP address of the visible on the Solstice display and select GO.
  3. In most meeting space configurations you will be required to enter the screen key provided in the lower-left corner of the screen.

Manually configuring the Solstice Discovery Service

Although not usually necessary, manual configuration of the SDS in the client software can be done using the following method.

  1. Select the settings icon on the client window.
  2. Ensure the Solstice Discovery Service Address is set to
  3. Close settings.


Figures 4 & 5: The Solstice Client settings icon & the Solstice Discovery Server Address

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