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Where can I download software at Deakin?
Article: KB0010991 Published: 01-03-2015 Last modified: 14-08-2020

Where can I download software at Deakin?

On your own computer

Apps and Desktops Anywhere is a free service providing access to course, computer lab and other software from anywhere. It works through your browser on Windows or Mac, and even on iPhone, iPad and Android devices mobile devices.

The Software Library provides Windows, Mac and mobile software for installation onto your computer. This includes the latest version of Microsoft Office for free on PC and Mac (up to five computers).

Staff can order specific titles from Microsoft for use on their personal computer for work purposes.


On a Deakin-managed staff PC computer

Staff can install enterprise software for their managed PC from the Software Center in the Start Menu.

You can also access the Software Store to allocate limited-user licenses to your computer, which are then available for installation in your Software Center.

For personal helper utilities and apps, such as Slack and iTunes, use the Microsoft Store.

The Self Install Share is a special area where one-off or low usage apps can be installed. These installers have been scanned for malware by eSolutions. When run from this share, installers do not require admin access to install.

  1. From the Start menu, choose Deakin Desktop Support Info.
  2. In the panel that appears, click the Self Install Share button.
  3. Locate the installer you require, then run it directly from the share.

Please contact the IT Service Desk to have an installer added to the Self Install Share. eSolutions does not support or actively manage installers in this location.

You can also request software to be packaged and deployed for teaching and learning (computer labs).


On a Deakin-managed staff Mac computer

Staff can install enterprise software for their managed Mac from Self Service on your computer. Click the Self Service icon located in your dock or the Applications folder.

For additional personal helper apps and utilities, such as Slack and Evernote, use the Mac App Store.


On an unmanaged University workstation

Like Deakin students, the Software Library provides Deakin staff with access to software that they may need or find useful.

There are also other many great software offers at Deakin University for Staff:

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