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How do I join a Virtual Meeting Point (VMP) using a telephone?
Article: KB0010366 Published: 03-12-2013 Last modified: 13-08-2020

How do I join a Virtual Meeting Point using a telephone?

You can connect to a Virtual Meeting Point (VMP) using any device that is capable of making phone calls from both inside and outside of Deakin. The audio quality is best if you use a headset, or your handset, rather than the speakers on your phone.


Calling a VMP from Skype for Business

Deakin uses Skype for Business for telephone calls.

To connect to a VMP using Skype for Business, refer to

How do I join a Virtual Meeting Point (VMP) using Skype for Business? (Windows)

How do I join a Virtual Meeting Point (VMP) using Skype for Business? (Mac)


Alternatively, you also have the option of joining using a web browser

How do I join a Virtual Meeting Point (VMP) call with a web browser (WebRTC)


Calling a VMP from a phone external to Deakin (landline and mobile)

These instructions are for use with mobile phones, STD and IDD connections.

  1. Dial (+613) 92517000, then enter the 5 Digit VMP number followed by #  (Example: Dial (+613) 92517000 then 36910#)
  2. You will join the conference automatically. If you are the first participant to join the conference, you will hear a voice state "you are the first participant to join the conference". Otherwise, you will not hear any tones.
  3. If you are not the first participant in the conference, please identify yourself to other conference participants. For example state "hi, it's Jane from Biology here on the phone".
  4. To leave the conference, simply hang up your call.
The party who dials in to the Virtual Meeting Point bears the cost of the telephone call. If you're concerned about an external participant footing the bill for calling a Virtual Meeting Point – such as from a mobile phone or for a long STD call, there is a method that can be used to avoid this.


Reducing phone charges for external participants

External parties who have been invited to participate in a video conference could potentially be charged for a very expensive phone call (several hours STD or international etc.). To prevent this from occurring, the following steps can be taken (approval is required from your Manager before completing the steps).

Note: Before contacting the external person connect to the meeting/virtual meeting point using Skype for Business. If other participants are present advise them that you will be transferring an external participant into the meeting.
  1. Once connected to the meeting, make an outgoing telephone call to the external participant (landline or mobile) using Skype for Business.

  2. Once the external participant has answered the call, advise then that you will be transferring them to the meeting then select the Add Participants button

  3. In the Choose a contact field, search for the VMP.  Select the VMP you want the merge into the call.  Select OK

  4. The external participant will now be automatically connected to the meeting/virtual meeting point.

  5.    If you are not required in the meeting you can click the end call icon to remove yourself from the call.


The call will continue with the other participants


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