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How to map a network drive (macOS)
Article: KB0010357 Published: 02-12-2013 Last modified: 18-08-2020

How to map a network drive (macOS)

This instruction outlines how to map a Deakin network share drive, including your own Deakin home directory. You need to have the correct permission granted to the access the network share drive before attempting this instruction.

You do not need to map your home directory when using a Deakin workstation on campus. It will map automatically.
You need to be connected to the Deakin network before you undertake the following steps from a home computer.
  1. Get the network address of the network share drive you wish to map
    •  If mapping your home directory, please see What is my home directory?
    • Staff: To find the path address of the network share drive that you have access to please see the IAM Shares .
  2. In the Finder menu, select Go > Connect to Server.

    the finder menu

  3. Enter the network (Server) address, then click Connect.

    In the example below, we're using the home drive directory. If you're looking to map your home drive, ensure to change 'username' to your personal Deakin username.


  4. Enter your Deakin Username (as du\username) and Password when prompted. Click Connect.

    the username and password window

  5. The mapped drive will now appear on your Desktop, and is ready to use.

    the mapped drive icon

The mapped drive is not showing on my Desktop?

  1. Open Finder Preferences and ensure Connected Servers is checked.

    finder preferences window showing connected servers option

I get an error when connecting to a share from

If you are connecting to a share using the now deprecated server you get the below error please update your bookmarks to use the updated path to your share.

The updated paths to file shares are in the format \\\share-name and do not experience many of the connection issues caused by the older server namespace.

For more information please see KB0012937 Deakin File Shares - FAQs and Common Issues.

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