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How do I change my sync location in OneDrive for Business?
Article: KB0010435 Published: 20-01-2014 Last modified: 13-07-2020

How do I change my sync location in OneDrive for Business?

By default, OneDrive syncs your document library in a folder under your Windows 'User' folder: C:\Users\username.

You can change the default path for the document libraries you sync to your computer, provided you are not in the process of syncing your document libraries. If you are already syncing at least one library and you want to change the path, you must first stop syncing all libraries using the instructions below. Then, when you run the OneDrive Wizard to sync a library to your computer, you'll see an option to change the location.

Changing your sync location

  1. Make sure you're not currently syncing any libraries with OneDrive. You can stop syncing a folder by right-clicking on the OneDrive icon in the taskbar, and then selecting Settings.

  2. Select the Account Tab and then Stop Syncing folders that are synced

  3. Open a web browser and log in to Office 365. Click OneDrive.
  4. Click Sync. Onedrive will open and prompt for you to sign in with your Deakin email address.
    If prompted ,chose to sign in as a Work or School account and then sign in to Deakin Single Sign On

    Highlights the Sync button within OneDrive.

  5. Click Change in the OneDrive dialog box, and select a new location as the root path. If you don't see the Change link in the dialog box, it means you're currently syncing at least one library.

  6. Once the new location path has been selected, click Next on the following screens to complete the wizard.


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