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VMware – Accessing SPSS Statistics
Article: KB0010189 Published: 25-06-2013 Last modified: 30-03-2020

VMware – Accessing SPSS Statistics

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Accessing SPSS Statistics

  1. Firstly, log into Apps and Desktops Anywhere (ADA) via Single Sign On.

  2. On the ADA landing page, you will be presented with a catalogue of many different services available to you as a student, or staff member at Deakin University. To find SPSS Statistics, navigate to the search bar and type "SPSS". Once "SPSS Statistics 26" comes up, click on it.

    After logging into Apps and Desktops Anywhere, navigate to the search bar on the top of the page

    Search for "SPSS" in the top search bar on the ADA page

  3. At this point, you have two methods to launch SPSS. These will be demonstrated as follows.

Launching through VMware Horizon

  1. Inside the SPSS Statistics 26 page, navigate to the "Launch" button and click on it. You will be presented with a window that asks if you have Horizon Client 3.0 or later already installed. If you HAVE installed the program, simply click "Open Horizon Client". If you HAVEN'T installed it, click on the link it provides, or follow the instructions below:

    Windows –
    VMware Horizon Client for ADA
    Mac OSVMware Horizon Client for ADA

    In the SPSS Statistics 26 menu, navigate to the "Launch" button and click on it. You will be prompted with a window asking if you already have VMware Horizon 3.0 installed. If you haven't installed it, please follow the instructions provided. If you have, simply click the blue "Open Horizon Client" button

  2. Click through any messages regarding which default program you wish to use by clicking "Continue" or "Next", while ensuring that VMware Horizon is set to be the default program. After a brief period of loading, SPSS will launch and be ready for use.

    When launching, you may be prompted about whether you would like to use VMware Horizon to launch these types of programs. Click on Continue, or Next, and SPSS Statistics will launch after loading

Launching through Browser

  1. If your version of VMware Horizon doesn't appear to be working, or you would prefer to run the program through your browser, you can do so by flagging SPSS Statistics as a "Bookmark".

    To launch SPSS Statistics in your browser, first click "Bookmark" on the SPSS Statistics ADA page

  2. Next, return to the ADA homepage, and click on the "Bookmarks" tab on the center of the screen just below the search bar. This will take you to your personal Bookmarks page, where SPSS Statistics 26 should be located if it was bookmarked correctly.

    Click on the "More Options" button [...] and select the drop-down option titled "Open in Browser".

    Click on the ellipses [...] which will create a dropdown menu. Select Open in Browser

  3. SPSS Statistics should now be open in your browser, under a new tab titled "VMware Horizon".

    SPSS Statistics should now be open in your browser, under a new tab called "VMware Horizon"

More Information


Staff on Deakin-managed computers can install SPSS Statistics from the Software Center (PC) or Self Service (Mac). If the computer is going to be disconnected from the Deakin network but SPSS Statistics is still required (e.g. when travelling), complete the Licensing SPSS for Off-Campus usage instructions, but only after you have installed SPSS and before you disconnect the computer from the network.

SPSS Statistics is also available to be installed on one privately-owned computer, provided it is used in the primary residence of a staff member. Contact the IT Service Desk to be provided with installation instructions and a license code.



Apps and Desktops Anywhere (ADA) gives all Deakin students access to various computer lab software via the cloud. This allows for access to the software on any internet-connected device, on or off-campus.

You can log in to ADA using your Deakin username and password at If you are using an iPad, iPhone or Android device, you can log in by downloading the VMware Horizon Client app.

To open and save data sets using SPSS in ADA, use the Sharing options in VMware Horizon Client. This makes designated folders on your computer available as network drives within SPSS (and Apps and Desktops Anywhere).


The licensing agreement with IBM excludes the provision of licenses to students enrolled on-campus. However, SPSS is available on all Windows and Mac lab computers located on campus.

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