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What is Microsoft Office 365?
Article: KB0010372 Published: 03-12-2013 Last modified: 26-06-2015

What is Microsoft Office 365? your Deakin Office in the cloud

If you're a Deakin Staff member or Student, you've probably already got a version of Microsoft Office on your desktop or laptop computer. This is what we call a "desktop" or "client" application, meaning that the application is installed on your computer. Up until now, you couldn't access Office on another computer that didn't have Office already installed, or on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet.

With Office 365, all that is about to change. Office 365 lets you:

  • access everything you need to be productive via your MySite, anywhere you go, on any device
  • store your files in your personal cloud library OneDrive, and then access them from any computer, anywhere
  • OneDrive provides student with unlimited storage
  • share your files with your colleagues or partners, under your control
  • use Office Web Apps (Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote) on any computer or tablet, using the web-browser
  • co-author documents in real-time and see all the changes as they happen
  • follow people and documents, seeing updates in your newsfeed
  • link to our Deakin social media platform, Yammer
  • see your mail, calendar and contacts on any computer using Outlook Web App
  • Deakin Student email is part of Office365 in the cloud, giving you a 50GB mailbox
  • link to online collaborative spaces for small and large teams in SharePoint

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