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What is my home directory quota?
Article: KB0010361 Published: 02-12-2013 Last modified: 03-07-2015

What is my home directory quota?

All staff have a 10GB quota set on their home directory, while students have a 5GB quota.

By assigning quotas, no single user can consume enough space to cause an outage to the system or impact other users. Once you reach your quota, you will be unable to write any more data or files to your home directory. You will most likely receive an error from the application you are using, and will also immediately be sent an email (to your Deakin email address) informing you that you have reached your quota and need to clean up files. A reminder email is sent every 24 hours that you are over quota.

If you reach your quota you should delete or archive to a DVD or external hard drive any files that are no longer used (Corporate data should be on your area's file share).

Additional quota is only provided under exceptional circumstances as your home directory is provided for non-corporate work or study-related files and incidental personal files.

Checking how much of your quota you have used

  • Shows Windows logo. Windows users - go to Computer, right click on your home directory and select Properties. From here you can view used and free space.

  • Shows Apple logo. Mac OS X users - highlight your home directory (shows on your desktop as <your username>) then go to Finder -> File -> Get Info. You will see the amount of used and free disk space (amongst other information).

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