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What is my home directory?
Article: KB0010356 Published: 02-12-2013 Last modified: 03-07-2015

What is my home directory?

Your home directory is a networked storage space on an eSolutions-managed server set up for your individual use. 

All Deakin Staff and Students are provided with a home directory.

For Students, this is a secure and backed up location for you to store files and material used in relation to your studies at Deakin University, and includes things such as assignments and course notes.

For Staff, your home directory is a secure and backed up location for you to store non-corporate work related files and incidental personal files. Corporate data (such as research or intellectual property captured or created by you as part of your employment) is material that is owned by Deakin University and should not be stored in your home directory - it should be stored in a Corporate network share.

Your home directory is automatically set up each time you log into a Deakin managed workstation that is connected to the Deakin Network, this includes workstations in the Computer Labs.

You can also access your home directory from your own personal laptop or computer at home. To do this you must first establish a secure connection into Deakin using Junos Pulse, then map your home directory using the map a network drive instructions.

Home directory network path

(this path is the same for all users, your home drive is determined by the login credentials that you enter when mapping the drive)

For PC: \\\my-home
For Mac: smb://

Note: If you are not on a Deakin computer and have issues connecting, you may need to access the file server at the root level and authenticate first before attempting to access/map your home drive directly.

For example:

  • On a Windows computer - Click Start, type \\ and press enter. Enter and then your password. If the window appears successfully, right-click the 'my-home' directory and select Map Network Drive.
  • On a Mac computer - Click Go > Connect to Server, type smb:// and click Connect. Enter and then your password. Select the volume 'my-home' and click OK.

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