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How to print using the Print@Deakin service (Windows)
Article: KB0010270 Published: 02-08-2013 Last modified: 14-05-2015

How to print using the Print@Deakin service (Windows)

Note: You will not be able to print to a Ricoh Multi Function device unless the PaperCut Service is installed and running on your computer - to install Print@Deakin on a Non-Deakin managed PC, please see this article.

Printing a document at Deakin University uses the managed print service, Print@DeakinUsing this process, you to print to a global print queue and release your job/print your documents at any multi-function printer (MFP) you log in to. The software running the Print@Deakin service is called Papercut.

1. Launch PaperCut

a. Check if the PaperCut MF client is running. If it is running, the Papercut icon will be visible in the Windows System Tray. If the icon is not there, launch Papercut from the Start Menu.

2. Send the document to the print queue

a. Select Print from your document or application. Now select the Deakin print queue based on your campus location, as shown in the following table.

Campus location Print Queue
Geelong and Waterfront Deakin_Geelong_Printer
Burwood, Melbourne City Centre and Greenwood Park Deakin_Burwood_Printer
Warrnambool Deakin_Warrnambool_Printer

b. Select the configuration you require:
    • Paper size
    • Double or single-sided
    • Colour or black and white
    • Note: There are a small number of printers that can only print in black & white. If you need colour printing, please ensure you use an appropriate printer.
    • Finishing options
c. Click Print. A print job notification dialogue box should appear confirming the:
    • Document name
    • Print queue
    • Number of pages
    • Colour options
    • Cost charged to your card or faculty account
Note: Some customers may also be prompted to select an account code. This happens when your salary is allocated to multiple account codes, or when you hold multiple positions within the university. The account codes are imported into PaperCut from the Human Resources systems.
d. Select the appropriate account from the drop down list, and click Print.


e. If your print options vary from the basic settings, you will be asked if you wish to cancel your job. Click No to continue.

Now that your document has been sent to the print queue, you can release the document directly at your nearest printer.

Note: Your print job will remain in the queue for a time period of 16 hours.

3. Release the document at the printer

a. Swipe your DeakinCard in the card reader, or enter your Deakin username and password manually using the keypad on the printer. If you have print jobs in the queue, they will display on the screen.

b. You can print jobs individually by selecting a document in the list. A brief description of the selected job will appear.

You can choose to print all waiting jobs immediately. To do this, press Print All.

c. Press Print.

To maintain a secure printing environment, you will automatically be logged out of the device if it has been left inactive for three minutes. To log out manually, press the log out button on the main dashboard of the printer.


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