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What are electives and how can I choose them?


Elective units are simply units that aren’t core to your degree or aren’t included in your major sequence or specialisation. You will generally have more freedom in deciding what electives you wish to select in your course. 

Find available elective units

To see a list of available elective units, head to the University Handbook for your year of study, select 'Advanced unit search' and use the filters to tailor the list.

When you’re deciding what electives you might want to complete for your course, it’s important to be aware of your course rules. These can be found in the University Handbook by searching for your course. The two main rules to consider when selecting electives are:

You also need to ensure that you meet the prerequisite and corequisite requirements for the unit you want to complete as your elective. Additionally, some units may have a cohort rule which prevents students outside of a certain course enrolling in that particular unit.

Number of elective units you should choose

Your course map, which is found in the University Handbook, will indicate how many electives you should choose in a given study period. Additionally, the major sequence you select (if applicable) can also influence when you’ll be completing your electives in your course.

Most units will have a value between 0 and 4 credit points (CP), with 1 credit point being equal to 0.125 EFTSL (Equivalent Full Time Study Load).

Full time study is being enrolled in 3 or more CP (>0.375 EFTSL), while part time study is being enrolled in 2 or less CP (0.250 EFTSL).

If you need further assistance regarding understanding elective units or your course rules, contact Student Central using the details on this page or complete the enquiry form below.