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What is the format of the SMS message for results?


If you have registered to receive your results by SMS, the format of the message sent to your phone will be:

For example, a message may look like:

In the above example for their Trimester 1 results, the student received results for two units, a mark of 68 and grade of C (Credit) for the unit MSC709 and a mark of 51 and grade of P (Pass) for the unit MSC751.

You can find a list of possible results and their meanings on the Results key webpage.   

If there is no result for a unit, the mark and grade will be displayed as an asterisk. For example, a message where there is no result for a unit may look like:

How this is displayed will depend on your mobile phone. Unfortunately, we cannot format the text to fit neatly into the window of every type of mobile phone.