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How do I change my Deakin password?


Change your password

It's recommended that you change your Deakin password regularly, every 180 days, to maintain security. You can change your password at any time by following these instructions:

If you are using a Deakin Workstation, you can also change your password by following the appropriate instructions:

Please note that each time you change your Deakin password, you'll also need to update the password for the Deakin services you have on your mobile devices, such as email or wi-fi. If you don't update your details your mobile devices will continually try and use your old password and your account may be locked.

Reset forgotten password

If you've forgotten your password, reset it by:

Generate your password

If you are generating your password for the first time, see How do I create a Deakin IT account and generate my username and password?

Further assistance

If you have any problems changing your password, contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.