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What units should I choose to enrol in?


When deciding the units you wish to study, it's a good idea to first familiarise yourself with the details and requirements of your course and the units that are available.

University Handbook

Search for your course information for the appropriate year in the University Handbook. Make sure to follow the Course Rules section which outlines the requirements you must fulfil in order to successfully complete your course. This can include any core units, the number of units you must complete in each unit level, the number of elective units you must complete and more.  

Course Map

Here you will also be able to find a course map, which is a visual tool to help you understand the structure and rules of your course.  Your course map may include the units required to complete your course and a suggested sequence of study.

Searching for units

Within the Handbook you can search for the details of individual units using the Advanced unit search. You’ll find an overview of the unit content, learning outcomes, assessment items, when the unit is offered, learning activities, and typical study commitment.

Be sure to pay attention to what pre-requisite or co-requisite requirements a unit might have.

Further assistance

If you are still unsure about your unit choices, you can contact Student Central for assistance using the details on this page or submitting an online enquiry below.

Adding units to your enrolment in StudentConnect

Once you have decided which units you wish to study, you can add units to your enrolment in StudentConnect. Find more information about how to enrol on our website. Be aware of the dates by which you can add, change and withdraw from units by visiting the Important dates and census webpage.