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What is FutureLearn Campus and how do I access it?


As a Deakin student, FutureLearn Campus now allows you to access select short courses for free using your Deakin single sign-on account details.

FutureLearn Campus offers the chance to learn online with experts from leading universities and cultural institutions through engaging courses packed with videos, articles, quizzes and discussions. It is a connected social experience that encourages interactions between peers and educators.

Per Deakin's current agreement with FutureLearn Campus, you have until end of December to join fully upgraded FutureLearn courses for free.

You can find out more and access FutureLearn Campus on our FutureLearn Deakin University webpage.

Signing up

Select ‘Start Learning now’ and you will be prompted to sign in using your Deakin login details. If using FutureLearn for the first time, you’ll be prompted to create a new FutureLearn account and link it to your Deakin account. You’ll then be able to browse the available range of courses and select ‘Join course for free’ and then ‘FutureLearn Campus’ to get your free upgraded access.

Searching for courses

When searching courses on FutureLearn (after first linking your accounts) ensure you are logged in with the account you linked and use the filter for 'Included in FutureLearn Campus' to access free upgraded access. 


If you are having trouble using single sign-on or accessing the short course options: