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What can I bring to exams?


Please note that due to the COVID-19 situation there may be changes to how your exam is run and it may be held online. Keep up with the most recent information on how exams will be held by regularly checking the COVIDSafe FAQs,  General exam information webpage and your unit sites on CloudDeakin.

What to bring to an exam

  • Deakin Student ID Card. Students must present their Deakin Card (student ID card) at every examination that they sit. In exceptional circumstances, other forms of photographic identification, such as a driver's licence, passport or official national identity card may be accepted.
  • Second form of photo identification. Students may be asked to present a second form of photographic identification. Along with your Deakin Student ID card, a driver's licence, passport or official national identity card will be acceptable as a secondary form of photographic identification.
  • Pens, pencils and an eraser in a clear plastic bag (these can't be in a clear pencil case)
  • Hardcopy written reference materials are only allowed in open book exams, check unit guides for confirmation.
  • Calculators are only allowed if approved for use in the exam by the Unit Chair, students must check with their Unit Chair.
  • Purses/Wallets and keys are allowed however all bags must be stored in the assigned bag room if bag rooms have been provided.
  • Limited items of food or drink will be allowed into the examination venue at the discretion of the Chief Supervisor. Items of food or drink that may reasonably be expected to cause disruption or inconvenience to other students are not permitted in the examination room.

Materials which can be brought into an exam

  • In open book examinations, students may bring in any hardcopy written reference material, including hardcopy dictionaries and textbooks with any annotations. Annotations can include the use of post-it notes or other adhesive markers. Such materials are not permitted in closed book examinations.
  • In open book examinations, study notes are permitted if bound (ie in a folder or stapled). No loose notes are permitted.
  • Students should bring their own writing equipment in a clear non-coloured plastic bag (not a clear pencil case) to examinations, e.g. pens, pencils (2B pencils are recommended) and erasers. These items will not be supplied at the examination.
  • Purses and wallets, mobile phones and smart watches including fitness tracker watches (e.g. Fitbit, Garmin), may be brought into an examination room but must be placed under the student's examination desk throughout the examination. Mobile phones must be switched off. Phone and watch alarms must be de-activated.
  • All other watches must be removed and placed at the top of the examination desk, where they can be seen clearly and easily by supervisors. All alarms and alerts must be switched off.
  • Calculators may only be brought into examinations where their use has been specifically authorised by the Unit Chairs. If calculators are permitted, students will be informed of this and it will be indicated on the cover sheet of the examination paper. Where calculators are authorised, any type of calculator may be used, except devices which are not primarily calculators but which have a calculator function. Any information stored on a calculator must be cleared before entering the exam room. Calculators will not be supplied at the examination.
  • Where specific materials are required for a particular examination, such as a legal document or a table of data, they will be provided as part of the examination paper.
  • It is a student's responsibility to ascertain whether an examination is an open book or closed book examination. This information will be published in the Unit Guide and will be specified on the examination paper.

Materials which must not be brought into an exam

Materials prohibited from being brought into examinations include:

  • bags (these may be left in the designated area, however students should note that there will not be any security monitoring provided in these areas)
  • pencil cases (not even if it is a clear pencil case, a small clear plastic bag or zipped lock bag should be used)
  • notes of any kind including those written on rulers, calculators, calculator covers or anywhere else
  • blank paper, note pads, writing paper/pad
  • calculators cannot be brought in unless specifically authorised
  • computers or any other electronic devices, including electronic dictionaries, electronic translators, laptop computers, electronic scanners, electronic organisers and diaries, pagers, digital pen cameras, digital pens, iPods or iPads, Google Glass, text retrievable devices of any kind.

For full details of exam conditions read the General exam information webpage and the Instructions to Exam Candidates.