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Windows 10 file explorer freezing / crashing when attempting to access network shares - PRB0040233

Problem description: Users have reported that Explorer is crashing when they attempting to access files in sub-folders located down several levels on a mapped network share, or when file explorer is opened manually instead of being launched via quick access. For other users, explorer is crashing only when the "Quick Access" folder is selected, e.g. if "Self install software" is run, a Windows file explorer window will open without error. If the "Quick Access" folder is clicked, it will crash. The issue seems to be limited to Windows 10 users.

Problem workaround: There are a number of workarounds for this issue, please implement these workarounds in the following order:

Method 1 - Launch Control Panel, then File Explorer Options. Within the General tab, from the drop down menu alongside 'Open File Explorer to', change the setting from 'Quick access' to "This PC" then Apply and OK to close the window.

Method 2 - Launch Control Panel, then File Explorer options, within the General tab, then Privacy options. Click on the Clear button alongside the option "Clear File Explorer history" then OK and close window.

Method 3 - Launch Control Panel, select File Explorer Options, then the View tab. Within the Advanced settings, select Launch folder windows in a separate process, then click Apply and close window.

The following will need to be done by level 2 support, the actions cannot be done by the user:

Method 4 - Update the LAN driver and the dock ethernet port driver.