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I need to report an incident



If there's an emergency on campus and anyone's safety or wellbeing is in danger, then call Emergency Services on 000 immediately. Then call Deakin Security on 1800 062 579 to inform them what is going on.

Find further emergency contact details and links for emergency situations on the Safety and Security webpage.

Complaints or concerns

If you're concerned about something that's happened at Deakin, or have a complaint, Deakin has processes in place to help you find a resolution. You can raise your concerns informally with the responsible person or area if you feel comfortable doing so.

Our Safer Community team provides support to keep our campuses safe and responds to all reports of behaviour which are concerning, inappropriate or threatening. They also support disclosure of sexual harm.
If you feel threatened or unsafe, are worried about someone harming themselves or someone else or something doesn’t feel right, Report a concern to the Safer community team.

For Student Central, we have Senior Student Advisers as well as Harassment and Discrimination Contact Officers who can provide support to resolve or refer you to the right area. 

If you don't feel comfortable or are unsatisfied with a response, you can lodge a formal complaint with Deakin's Student Complaints Office.

If your concern relates to an assessment issue, be aware that these issues are normally handled by the Faculty under the Assessment (Higher Education Courses) or Academic Progress procedures.