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Can I get an alternative or early exit?


An early or alternative exit is a way of leaving a course without having fulfilled all of its requirements, but still receiving an award if you have met the relevant requirements.

Postgraduate course example:

You are enrolled in a master's course but exit the course with a graduate certificate (if available).

Undergraduate (double degree only) course example:

You are enrolled and apply to exit with one side or component of your course only. For example, an Arts/Law student could apply to graduate with a Law degree. You would be awarded the Law undergraduate degree and the Arts course would be discontinued. You could re-apply to complete your full course (i.e. Arts course) after a minimum of two compulsory study periods have elapsed. There is only one opportunity for an early or alternate exit in an undergraduate course (double degree only).

If you want to apply for an early or alternative exit, you should look at your course in the University Handbook to see if an alternative exit is available, and then apply via the request alternative exit application form.

If you have any questions regarding your eligibility, please contact Student Central, using the details on this page or sending an online enquiry through below.