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KB0011250Deakin Web Guest - Frequently Asked Questions14-08-2015
KB0011251Deakin Web Guest - Change the layout or view the presentation in a larger window14-08-2015
KB0011248Deakin Web Guest - Links14-08-2015
KB0011249Deakin Web Guest - Getting started14-08-2015
KB0011240How do I call a phone number from a video conference unit?06-08-2015
KB0011239How do I search the video conference phonebook or directory?03-08-2015
KB0011184How do I join a Virtual Meeting Point (VMP) using Lync? (iPad/iPhone)18-05-2015
KB0011183How do I join a Virtual Meeting Point (VMP) using Lync? (Mac)18-05-2015
KB0011141How do I setup a videoconference with an external contact using Lync? (Windows)23-04-2015
KB0010840How can I check if a Virtual Meeting Point (VMP) is booked using Outlook 2013?31-10-2014
KB0010839Deakin Virtual Meeting Point (VMP) Numbers30-10-2014
KB0010682How do I join a Virtual Meeting Point (VMP) using Skype for Business? (Windows)21-07-2014
KB0010543Guidelines when pursuing external funds to install videoconference capabilities17-02-2014
KB0010514How to order and install new video conference facilities05-02-2014
KB0010506Video conferencing - support charges for internal parties03-02-2014
KB0010508What is video conferencing?03-02-2014
KB0010504Video conferencing - dialling instructions for external participants03-02-2014
KB0010505Video conferencing - support charges for external (commercial) parties03-02-2014
KB0010509Video conferencing - support and training03-02-2014
KB0010507What is a Virtual Meeting Point (VMP)?03-02-2014
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