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How can I check if a Virtual Meeting Point (VMP) is booked using Outlook 2013?KB001084031-10-2014
Deakin Virtual Meeting Point (VMP) NumbersKB001083930-10-2014
How do I join a Virtual Meeting Point (VMP) using Lync?KB001068221-07-2014
Guidelines when pursuing external funds to install videoconference capabilitiesKB001054317-02-2014
How to order and install new video conference facilitiesKB001051405-02-2014
Video conferencing - support charges for internal partiesKB001050603-02-2014
What is video conferencing?KB001050803-02-2014
Video conferencing - dialling instructions for external participantsKB001050403-02-2014
Video conferencing - support charges for external (commercial) partiesKB001050503-02-2014
Video conferencing - support and trainingKB001050903-02-2014
What is a VMP (Virtual Meeting Point)?KB001050703-02-2014
Can I use Cisco Jabber Video in a video conference?KB001043217-01-2014
How to set up Jabber Video for video conferencesKB001043017-01-2014
Video conferencing - connecting with external sitesKB001037404-12-2013
How do I join a Virtual Meeting Point using a telephone?KB001036603-12-2013
How do I book a Virtual Meeting Point (VMP) for a video conference?KB001035027-11-2013
How do I join a Virtual Meeting Point (VMP) using an AMX touch panel?KB001019425-06-2013
Video conferencing - how to make a conference call using a Tandberg remoteKB001012611-06-2013
Troubleshooting: I can't see the other participants when using Tandberg remoteKB001013211-06-2013
"VGA resolution not supported' when connecting a computer during videoconferenceKB001013111-06-2013
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