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KB0010300Connecting to Wi-Fi (eduroam) at participating institutions14-08-2013
KB0011235Connecting to Wi-Fi (eduroam) on Windows 1029-07-2015
KB0010295Connecting to Wi-Fi (eduroam) on iPad/iPhone/iPod14-08-2013
KB0010294Connecting to Wi-Fi (eduroam) on an Android device14-08-2013
KB0010297Connecting to Wi-Fi (eduroam) on Mac OS X14-08-2013
KB0010296Generic Wi-Fi (eduroam) configuration information14-08-2013
KB0010746How do I create and manage a guest Wi-Fi (Wifi) account for use at Deakin?11-09-2014
KB0010752How do I self register and connect to the Deakin Guest wi-fi network?16-09-2014
KB0010299Connecting to Wi-Fi (eduroam) on Windows 714-08-2013
KB0010298Connecting to Wi-Fi (eduroam) on Windows 814-08-2013
KB0010982I am having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi (eduroam) on my personal Mac26-02-2015
KB0010282Where can I connect to Wi-Fi (Wifi, eduroam) at Deakin?07-08-2013
KB0010285Connecting to Wi-Fi (eduroam) for Deakin visitors from other eduroam institution07-08-2013
KB0010281Deakin Wi-Fi usage policy 07-08-2013
KB0010665Connecting to Wi-Fi (eduroam) on Windows 8 RT03-07-2014
KB0011175Why is Deakin's Wi-Fi network so slow?11-05-2015
KB0010579Tips for purchasing a new wireless device for use at Deakin - Dual band Wi-Fi14-04-2014
KB0011930How do I setup eduroam off-campus to automatically connect when I come on-campus? (Windows)21-02-2017
KB0011174There is a problem with the Wi-Fi network in my residence10-05-2015
KB0011933How do I setup eduroam off-campus to automatically connect when I come on-campus? (iPhone/iPad)21-02-2017
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