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NumberShort descriptionPublishedCategory
KB0010288How to activate your Deakin IT account 07-08-2013
KB0010287Changing your Deakin password using a Deakin Mac 07-08-2013
KB0010293Reset your forgotten Deakin Student password 13-08-2013
KB0010286Changing your Deakin password using a Deakin Windows PC 07-08-2013
KB0010278Change your password using the Deakin website 18-12-2019
KB0012802Generating an SSH Keypair 21-12-2017
KB0010476Deakin Shield – How do I get Admin Access on my workstation? 23-01-2014
KB0010314When do I have to change my Deakin password? 30-08-2013
KB0010576What is the Deakin Staff Profile System? 10-04-2014
KB0011445How do I update my staff Mobile Phone Number or Email address? 19-10-2016
KB0010898When does my Student IT access expire? 19-12-2014
KB0010471How to search the Deakin staff directory and update your details 22-01-2014
KB0011173I forgot my Deakin username 28-11-2019
KB0011181How can I find the contact information of another student? 14-05-2015
KB0011378How do I change my name at Deakin? 30-03-2016