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KB0010666How do I sign a PDF with a digital signature using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC? 07-07-2014
KB0010188Licensing SPSS for Off-Campus Use – Deakin-managed Machines 25-06-2013
KB0011294How can I make a PDF file smaller? 27-10-2015
KB0010555How do I get Microsoft Office for free through Deakin University? (Mac) 17-06-2019
KB0011154Hyperlinks not working in Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents 29-04-2015
KB0011425How do I clear my web history (Cookies & Cache)? 06-10-2016
KB0010658How to access a Deakin Home Directory on an Android device 17-06-2014
KB0010756Why am I getting a "Software changes are required" pop-up on my Deakin PC? 18-09-2014
KB0010609Adobe Creative Cloud – Installation Instructions 12-05-2014
KB0011157Using a Solstice display: Features and overview 05-05-2015
KB0011252Updating an iPad/iPhone/iPod with your new Deakin password 19-08-2015
KB0011161What is Solstice and where is it available? 05-05-2015
KB0010189VMware – Accessing SPSS Statistics 25-06-2013
KB0010900How do I access LinkedIn Learning? 02-02-2015
KB0011168Audio is not playing on the Solstice display 05-05-2015
KB0010557What is Airdrop? 18-03-2014
KB0010382How to request software to be installed on a Deakin University Workstation 03-08-2018
KB0010991Where can I download software at Deakin? 01-03-2015
KB0010127How to watch live 'free-to-air' TV on your Deakin computer 11-06-2013
KB0012217How do I request new software that is not in the Software Store? 08-05-2017