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KB0010843ICT 2.1-2017 Audio Visual Room Standards02-11-2014
KB0010856ICT 6.2-2012 Communications Room Standards03-11-2014
KB0010853ICT 3.4-2016 Software Selection Standards03-11-2014
KB0010864ICT 6.9-2015 Wireless LAN Standards03-11-2014
KB0010851ICT 3.2.2-2016 Web Application Development Standards03-11-2014
KB0010846ICT 2.4-2013 Audio Visual Signoff and Commissioning Checklist03-11-2014
KB0010844ICT 2.2-2013 Audio Visual Technical Design Standards03-11-2014
KB0010845ICT 2.3-2013 Videoconferencing Standards03-11-2014
KB0010849ICT PHP Coding Standards03-11-2014
KB0010859ICT 6.5-2016 Fibre Optic Standard03-11-2014
KB0010847ICT 2.7-2012 AV Design Calculators, Tools and Resources03-11-2014
KB0010848ICT 3.1.1-2014 Object Oriented Design Standards03-11-2014
KB0011230ICT 6.9.1 Wireless LAN Checklist v1.220-07-2015
KB0010852ICT 3.3.1-2014 Web Application Testing Standards03-11-2014
KB0010855ICT 6.1-2010 Network Reference Document03-11-2014
KB0010850ICT Oracle PLSQL and SQL coding Standards03-11-2014
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