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KB0011605Where are the ATMs on campus? 09-01-2017
KB0013856What can I bring to exams? 10-12-2018
KB0011557How do I apply for building access? 19-12-2016
KB0012034STAFF: Quick Picks - Switchboard 01-10-2018
KB0011703When will I receive my Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS)? 17-01-2017
KB0013873STAR doesn't show all of the units I'm enrolled in 10-12-2018
KB0011842How can I extend my visa or Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)? 01-02-2017
KB0012085STAFF: Quick Picks: DSA 23-03-2017
KB0013861How do I change my Deakin password? 10-12-2018
KB0014626Student: How to approach Unit Chairs 03-12-2019
KB0014008Where can I download software? 21-02-2019
KB0011685I found a lost item, where should I take it? 17-01-2017
KB0013783Where is the library? 22-11-2018
KB0013936How do I create a Deakin IT account and generate my username and password? 13-01-2019
KB0011567What is STAR - Student Timetable Allocation and Registration? 20-12-2016
KB0014787How do I find out if a course or unit is available to be studied online? 27-03-2020
KB0014050How do I defer my VTAC offer? 04-03-2019
KB0013830I need an academic transcript 03-12-2018
KB0014422How can I contact the Library? 29-07-2019
KB0014377What is SafeZone? 19-06-2019