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Can I extend my student visa to attend my graduation ceremony? KB00150571.017-12-2020
Can I go overseas and return to Australia before my visa expires if I have finished my course? KB00150421.010-12-2020
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How do I get my name badge for my placement? KB00138441.010-12-2018
How do I update my legal name? KB00142271.006-05-2019
Where can I find information for off-campus accommodation? KB00144631.019-08-2019
How do I apply for a transport travel concession? KB00140661.006-03-2019
 I have lost my student card, who do I contact about this? KB00138461.023-01-2023
How do I change or add my major sequence, minor sequence or specialisation? KB00144701.020-08-2019
What is a PASS session and how can I join? KB00142251.003-05-2019
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How do I update my citizenship status? KB00143581.017-06-2019
I'm an international student and I haven't enrolled in any units, can I defer my course? KB00150721.005-01-2021
What is STAR - Student Timetable Allocation and Registration? KB00115671.020-12-2016
Can I change my current studies to a different course within Deakin as an international student? KB00150631.017-12-2020