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STAFF: Quick Picks: DSA KB00120851.023-03-2017
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What are the Deakin Bus Services? KB00136381.004-10-2018
STAFF: Letter template - Master table KB00117081.017-01-2017
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I am transferring from Deakin College to Deakin, do I need to activate my student account? KB00123601.027-06-2017
How do I change my Deakin password? KB00138611.010-12-2018
How can I extend my visa or Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)? KB00118421.001-02-2017
STAFF: Quick Picks: International KB00145871.011-11-2019
Where are the ATMs on campus? KB00116051.009-01-2017
Where can I download software? KB00140081.021-02-2019
I'm a Cloud Campus student, where can I access more information and resources about studying online? KB00124511.001-08-2017
When will I receive my Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS)? KB00117031.017-01-2017
What can I bring to exams? KB00138561.010-12-2018
How do I apply to graduate? KB00138321.003-12-2018
STAFF: How to action a request to change a student's username/email address. KB00152541.011-10-2021
Can I get an alternative or early exit? KB00138171.029-11-2018
How do I apply for HECS-HELP? KB00142361.006-05-2019
How do I apply for building access? KB00115571.019-12-2016