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NumberShort descriptionPublishedCategory
KB0010355How to map a network drive (Windows) 02-12-2013
KB0010357How to map a network drive (macOS) 02-12-2013
KB0010380What is offline file synchronisation? (Windows) 06-10-2018
KB0010368File backup at Deakin 03-12-2013
KB0011420How to Manage Video file sizes 18-09-2016
KB0010370What is a disk quota? 03-12-2013
KB0010603Deakin University Library Databases 05-05-2014
KB0010364Restore a deleted file from a snapshot (Windows) 03-12-2013
KB0010361What is my home directory quota? 02-12-2013
KB0011956Uploading files in OneDrive to CloudDeakin 23-02-2017
KB0010363What is a Snapshot? (File Share Backups) 03-12-2013
KB0011280How do I know the Syncplicity desktop application is working? 14-09-2015
KB0010376Restore a deleted file from a snapshot (macOS) 05-12-2013
KB0011421How do I give someone access to a Share Folder? 19-09-2016
KB0010762Overview of share management for data stewards 15-08-2018
KB0010365What is a rapid share? 03-12-2013
KB0010763Creating and modifying a network share 30-09-2014
KB0010680How is the data on my Deakin Desktop managed Mac backed up? 21-07-2014
KB0010371Should I store files on my Deakin Desktop computer's hard drive? 03-12-2013
KB0011422How do I rename or move a share folder? 19-09-2016