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KB0010538How do I get Microsoft Office for free through Deakin University? (Windows) 12-02-2014
KB0011384I can't open a SharePoint or OneDrive document using the desktop Office app 13-05-2016
KB0011199How to grant permissions and/or add a user to Sharepoint in the collaborate environment. 22-06-2015
KB0010554What is DeakinSync? 06-03-2014
KB0010255How to reactivate your Office license off-campus 22-07-2013
KB0010539Using the Oracle Staff Student Interactive Database (SSID) 12-02-2014
KB0010630Why can't I log into CloudDeakin on an iPad? 05-06-2014
KB0013124How do I change my password in Research Master? 12-06-2018
KB0010334How to access OneDrive from a web browser 14-11-2013
KB0011344Accessing your files in Apps and Desktops Anywhere 16-12-2015
KB0012821Blackboard Collaborate Ultra troubleshooting 12-01-2018
KB0010629How do I access the markup document of my assignment within CloudDeakin? 05-06-2014
KB0010435How do I change my sync location in OneDrive for Business? 20-01-2014
KB0010372What is Microsoft Office 365 and how do I access it? 03-12-2013
KB0010993How do I access Callista? 01-03-2015
KB0011115How to submit a DeakinAir video into an assignment folder using "Insert Stuff" 17-04-2015
KB0010562How do I access the Deakin Research Data Store (RDS)? 20-03-2014
KB0011234How to create a survey in SharePoint 2013 27-07-2015
KB0010585How do I share a document using Office 365(OneDrive)? 28-04-2014
KB0010437OneDrive – Deleting/Restoring Files from the Recycle Bin 20-01-2014