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NumberShort descriptionPublishedCategory
KB0011232How to use a Document Camera in a Teaching Space 21-07-2015
KB0012908Microsoft Surface Hub - Replacement PC Mode (Advanced) 13-02-2018
KB0011371SMART Boards – Usage Instructions (Old SMART Model) 17-03-2016
KB0011368How to Use a Lapel Microphone in a Teaching Space 29-02-2016
KB0010621Quick Reference Guide - Cisco Touch 8 video conference controller 23-05-2014
KB0011375Using ceiling microphones in a Meeting Room or Teaching Space 30-03-2016
KB0010726Quick Start Guide - AMX touch panel with dual display and Deakin Video recording 14-02-2019
KB0010725Using Lecture Theatre IT Equipment 20-08-2014
KB0010747Using Medium/Large Classroom IT Equipment (with AMX touch screen controller) 03-03-2019
KB0011389How to use a wireless handheld microphone 14-06-2016
KB0010871Teaching Spaces – Quick Start Guide for Video Conferences 02-12-2014
KB0010616Quick Reference Guide - Type: AMX Button Control with volume knob - audio visual rooms 21-05-2014
KB0010740Using Small Classroom IT Equipment 27-08-2014
KB0011374How to use the keypad controller in Teaching Spaces 30-03-2016
KB0010728Quick Start Guide - AMX touch panel with single or dual display 20-08-2014
KB0010880How can I find out what IT (AV) facilities are available in Deakin spaces? 12-12-2014
KB0010874Teaching Spaces: A Quick Overview of AMX Touch Screen Control 09-12-2014
KB0010876Quick Start Video Guide - AMX Touch Panel: General Overview 09-12-2014
KB0010875Teaching Spaces: Quick Start Video - Video Conferencing 09-12-2014
KB0010727Teaching Spaces: Quick Start Guide – AMX Touch Panel with Single Display 20-08-2014