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Audio visual management
TitlePublished Date
How to use an interactive whiteboard17-03-2016
How to use a Document Camera in a Teaching Space21-07-2015
Microsoft Surface Hub - Replacement PC Mode (Advanced)13-02-2018
How to Use a Lapel Microphone in a Teaching Space29-02-2016
Quick Reference Guide - Cisco Touch 8 video conference controller23-05-2014
Computers on campus
TitlePublished Date
End User Computing: Transferring data to a new PC 18-01-2016
Assistive technology and software for Deakin students and staff30-01-2014
Transferring data to a new Mac: Clean up your files14-12-2015
How do I find a 24 hour computer laboratory at Deakin?01-08-2014
How to Connect Your Laptop in Teaching Spaces & Meeting Rooms31-03-2016
Enterprise applications
TitlePublished Date
How do I get Microsoft Office for free through Deakin University? (Windows)12-02-2014
I can't open a SharePoint or OneDrive document using the desktop Office app13-05-2016
How to grant permissions and/or add a user to Sharepoint in the collaborate environment.22-06-2015
How to access OneDrive from a web browser14-11-2013
How do I change my sync location in OneDrive for Business?20-01-2014
TitlePublished Date
Research Contacts Management Tool (RCMT) FAQs10-02-2015
TitlePublished Date
I need an academic transcript03-12-2018
Lenovo Windows 7 Computers can't connect to VPN using Cisco Anyconnect Software - PRB004061507-09-2018
How do I enable the 'Open with Explorer' option in SharePoint on Windows 10?08-03-2017
How do I change my Deakin password?10-12-2018
How to securely connect to Deakin off-site using the Virtual Private Network (VPN) (Windows computer06-05-2019
Internet access
TitlePublished Date
Deakin Proxy Settings for Deakin College Students03-11-2014
Website blocking at Deakin23-01-2014
How do I connect my Apple TV or gaming console to the Deakin network?11-06-2015
Transfer or termination of corporate internet access services28-01-2014
TitlePublished Date
What is the Deakin IT policy?30-03-2016
Server and data centre
TitlePublished Date
How to request a file share quota increase21-09-2015
TitlePublished Date
How do I make a phone call with Skype for Business? (Windows)19-03-2015
How do I record a Skype for Business session?09-02-2016
How do I set my voicemail message in Skype for Business? (Windows)20-03-2015
How do I send a file via instant message in Skype for Business PC (Windows)?14-05-2015
Connect with Skype for Business users in other organisations07-08-2013
Video conferencing
TitlePublished Date
Video Conference - Cisco Proximity FAQ08-09-2015
Setup a videoconference with an external contact using Skype for Business23-04-2015
How do I join a Virtual Meeting Point (VMP) using Skype for Business? (Windows)21-07-2014
How to share your laptop presentation on a Cisco video conference unit11-06-2013
Video conferencing - Conferences with external sites - Overview04-12-2013
Wireless network
TitlePublished Date
Connecting to Wi-Fi (eduroam) on iPad/iPhone/iPod14-08-2013
Connecting to Wi-Fi (eduroam) at participating institutions27-11-2018
How do I self register and connect to the Deakin Guest wi-fi network?16-09-2014
Connecting to Wi-Fi (eduroam) on an Android device14-08-2013
Connecting to Wi-Fi (eduroam) on Windows 1029-07-2015
TitlePublished Date
How do I post on my WordPress blog/site? 02-03-2017
TitlePublished Date
How do I add a shared calendar in Outlook (Windows)?28-09-2015
How do I add a shared mailbox in Outlook 2013/2016 (Windows)?15-07-2013
Exporting an Office365 Mailbox to Gmail17-11-2014
Booking a room/resource with Outlook for Windows23-07-2013
iCloud is not syncing with Outlook for Windows, how do I fix this?17-07-2013
Facilities Services
TitlePublished Date
Book a centrally managed room04-02-2014
Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students: how to book rooms, vehicles etc31-05-2013
File and document electronic storage
TitlePublished Date
How to map a network drive (Windows)02-12-2013
How to map a network drive (macOS)02-12-2013
How do I use Syncplicity?06-07-2016
Where should I store my files and data?04-05-2015
What is offline file synchronisation? (Windows)06-10-2018
ICT Standards
TitlePublished Date
ICT 3.4-2016 Software Selection Standards03-11-2014
ICT 3.1.1-2014 Object Oriented Design Standards03-11-2014
ICT 3.2.2-2016 Web Application Development Standards03-11-2014
ICT PHP Coding Standards03-11-2014
ICT 3.3.1-2014 Web Application Testing Standards03-11-2014
Network services (ex-wireless)
TitlePublished Date
What is a VPN (Virtual Private Network)?28-01-2014
How do I register a wired device on the Deakin network to get internet access?17-03-2015
How to activate an existing network (data) point03-02-2014
Requesting a new network (data) point installation03-02-2014
How do I report a network or phone (data) point fault?23-04-2015
Print, copy, fax, scan
TitlePublished Date
How to print using Print@Deakin Web Print01-08-2013
How to print to the bypass tray on a Ricoh printer15-11-2013
How to install the Print@Deakin service on your personal Windows computer22-07-2013
How to cancel printing that is already progress (Ricoh printers)11-11-2013
How to print at Deakin on your personal Mac22-07-2013
TitlePublished Date
How can I make a PDF file smaller?27-10-2015
How do I get Microsoft Office for free through Deakin University? (Mac)17-06-2019
Can I install Adobe Creative Cloud on a non-Deakin computer?12-05-2014
Why am I getting a "Software changes are required" pop-up on my Deakin PC?18-09-2014
How to request software to be installed on a Deakin University Workstation03-08-2018
User account management
TitlePublished Date
How to activate your Deakin IT account07-08-2013
Changing your Deakin password using a Deakin Mac07-08-2013
Change your password using the Deakin website07-08-2013
Using LastPass to manage passwords26-04-2017
Generating an SSH Keypair21-12-2017
Web Services
TitlePublished Date
How do I request access to a SharePoint Site?16-04-2015
Setting a SharePoint (Office 365) site to display in other languages06-07-2016
Squiz Matrix: Embedding a video06-10-2014
How do I find a SharePoint Administrator in my area? 16-04-2015
How can I search for a SharePoint Site in the collaborative environment? 16-04-2015