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How to install the Print@Deakin service on your personal Windows computer You can install Deakin's Managed Print Service, Print@Deakin, on your Windows personal computer using the following instructions. Notes : Do not use these instructions for a Deakin Desktop computer
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How to install the Print@Deakin service on your personal Mac OS X computer Notes..., establish a secure connection to the Deakin network using Junos Pulse. How to install the Print@Deakin driver and print queue 1. Go to the Deakin Software Library . 2. Click Office
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; installed  and  running  on your computer - to install Print@Deakin on a Non-Deakin managed... How to print using the Print@Deakin service (Windows) Note:  You will ... print service, Print@Deakin .  Using this process, you to print to a global print queue
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service is called Papercut . 1. Install the Print@Deakin service Deakin Desktop... X) Non Deakin Mac OS X - see KB article How to install the Print@Deakin service on a Mac OS... How to print using the Print@Deakin service (Mac OS X) Note: You will not be able
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What is Print@Deakin? The Print@Deakin service has been set-up to cater for the print... for Print@Deakin? Your Deakin Student or Staff identification card. Either of these two types of Deakin cards will work with the Print@Deakin service.   or   If you do not have one
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How to print using Print@Deakin Web Print The Print@Deakin Web Print service allows you to print from non-Deakin Desktop computers, without the need to install printer drivers. Documents are loaded to a server via a web page and added to your queue, ready for release at any Deakin
Print, copy, fax, scan > KB0010267 Published: 01-08-2013 Last modified: 02-07-2015
. Install the print queue and driver Select Devices and Printers from the Start Menu.  
Print, copy, fax, scan > KB0010291 Published: 12-08-2013 Last modified: 13-04-2015
running OS X 10.9 Mavericks will have the print queue and driver pre-installed. Install...) PaperCut (Warrnambool) Click on the desired queue. Click Install on the description dialogue. The printer will take a moment to install. When the installation is complete
Print, copy, fax, scan > KB0010268 Published: 01-08-2013 Last modified: 11-02-2015
What is the PaperCut Print Client Software? The PaperCut client software is provided to facilitate the following tasks when using Print@Deakin : Allow students to view their current... or other area monthly. Can I install the Papercut Client software and print from my
Print, copy, fax, scan > KB0010391 Published: 19-12-2013 Last modified: 22-07-2015
Request a relocation of a Ricoh Printer A request can be lodged to Ricoh for the relocation of a Print@Deakin device. This request will be assessed by Ricoh in conjunction with eSolutions, under the print policy guidelines. 1. Fill in the relocation form and email
Summary of : Deakin IMACD - Move Requirements Form v1,doc Deakin IMACD - Move Requirements Form v1 Printing Service – Move Requirements Form About this form Purpose This form should be used to request a review of the printing solution design for an area. Submit Print Service Move Requirements when the current...
Print, copy, fax, scan > KB0010397 Published: 19-12-2013 Last modified: 10-02-2015
, click Install driver and enter your Deakin username and password .  
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